PPC and Social Media Management

Our SSM and PPC Services

Most of our client work involves a full package of social media management but for some clients a paid search marketing method is more appropriate and we will advise you of this if we feel that SEO will not offer a good return on investment from your marketing budget.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click and it can be found on a variety of online platforms. Most commonly it is seen on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As the name suggests you will pay per click to your website or wherever you want to direct your traffic and it can be highly targeted to attract a particular target market.

Typically, PPC will cost more in the long term than organic rankings due to the short term nature of method. PPC will need to be used continuously to keep traffic coming to your website, whereas SEO or organic rankings can stay long term and provide better value for money. Organic rankings typically harness more trust from the visitor so conversion rates on site are often higher from organically ranked websites as opposed to those that appear in the sponsored listings on search engines. Than being said, there are times where PPC or a combination of PPC and SEO are appropriate and we will advise you of this in your initial consultation.

What is SMM?

SMM simply stands for Social Media Management and it typically involves a third party taking control of social media strategy and implementation. At Brum Design SEO, our SMM is controlled and managed entirely by our in house team and we work with our clients to ensure that we are bang on brand to create engaging social content that will make your customers want to share your brand.

Social Media Management when coupled with search engine optimisation is key to creating a complete digital visible presence and we can take your social profile from nothing to a complete online empire.

Why is Social Media Management Important?

When people search for your brand on their computer or mobile device you want them to see positive results. A first page of Google that has your website at number 1 but another position below it that has a negative review can be very off-putting for potential customers. By creating a fully branded social media empire for your brand, we can ensure that your brand fills the first page of Google to allow you to dominate the search results with positive results, thus increasing customer trust in your brand.

Not Sure Which Service You Need?

The chances are that you will not be completely sure which service you need for your business website and that’s fine. We will go through everything with you in your initial consultation and clear up any confusion. Your website and business is as important to us as it is to you when you work with us – that is why we are fully transparent about the results you can expect and what sort of return on investment should be achieved.