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Pokemon Go Good For Business?

Whenever there is a craze that takes the world by storm it causes marketers to look up and take notice. Pokémon Go is the latest such phenomenon to grab the imagination of teens and young adults as they go in search of virtual creatures in an augmented reality game that is built around Niantic’s real world gaming software.

The difference between Pokémon Go and other mobile games is that it has the unique ability to get people out of the house and to physical locations as gamers go in search of as many Pokémon as they can find.

Pokémon Go has launched in a number of countries over the last few weeks and its usage stats even surpassed Twitter’s just this week and also left Instagram and Snapchat in its wake. With such a viral launch of a game that can drive footfall to locations of the game’s choosing, many business owners will be keen to take advantage of an opportunity that might have a limited shelf-life.

The game bears many similarities with an earlier creation of Niantic known as Ingress. Using much of the data collected from this 2011 game, the platform directs users to various locations that are determined using information from Google Maps, road mapping and climate data as well as the data collected from Ingress itself. If Pokémon Go is to follow in the footsteps of Ingress we will see users adding portals (which are the equivalent of Pokémon Gyms or where Pokémon are located). It is the ability to determine these locations that has the potential to drive footfall (and crucially customers) to your business.

Pokémon Go will not be suitable for all businesses, but restaurants, cafes and shops that appeal to younger target markets and sell low ticket items are likely to be the businesses that will benefit from this mobile gaming craze. A Pizzeria in New York reported that they were up 75% on takings in one day due to the positioning of Pokémon at their location.

If you utilise your offline marketing to take advantage of the extra football then you could be on to something pretty lucrative. Perhaps a Pokemon pit-stop for hungry teens and twenty-something’s with discounts for users of the app or offering a discounted ride to the next location if you are a taxi firm? The opportunities are endless and the imaginations of marketers are only just beginning to ignite as the game just starts to warm up.

Lure the Pokemon to lure footfall

There are potentially going to be hundreds of ways to generate customers to visit your business via Pokemon Go, but one great way that you can do it immediately for just $1.19 per hour is to use the Pokemon Lure modules. Purchasing the lure module will attract wild Pokemon to wherever you set your lure capsule. This will then attract people who come in search of it – with you then being able to convert these Pokemon hunters in to customers.

There is potential for the makers of the game to add sponsored locations that businesses will be able to purchase although that is unlikely to appear any time soon as Niantic are still rolling out the game worldwide – but with over 20 million downloads in the first week, there will be plenty of future developments to come so watch this space.

So start thinking… if your business has a physical location then how could you capitalize on a craze that seems to have everyone talking about it, and millions out near your business in search of these loveable virtual creatures?