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Is Your Business Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobilegeddon – Is your website ready for the May 2016 Google algorithm update? If you have any part to play in the internet marketing of your organisation then you have probably heard of the dramatic term coined ‘Mobilegeddon’ which harks back to an announcement...

Are PBN’s Dead?

Are Private Blog Network’s Dead? Back in the day, Search Engine Optimisation was pretty simple. The algorithms used by Google and Yahoo were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today and you could very easily rank for moderately competitive key words with a bulk...

Best SEO Practices in 2016

SEO in 2016 – Best Practices Whilst some people will tell you that the art of Search Engine Optimisation is no longer effective, the amount of money spent on SEO by small, medium and large organisations is growing. The fact that over 60% of Google users will...

seo in 2016

Good SEO in 2016: Tracking the Future Trends It was meant to be an eventful and uncertain year for SEO in 2015, and the predictions made at the start of the year have by and large been proven true. The uncertainty came from every corner, from the growing reach of...

Brum Design Saying Hello

Birmingham based web design – Brum Design Wow, we just set up our brand new venture, Brum Design! I am so excited to bring this news to you that I even decided to write this first blog post before the website is fully up and running – but hey, it’s a...

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