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SEO in 2016 – Best Practices

Whilst some people will tell you that the art of Search Engine Optimisation is no longer effective, the amount of money spent on SEO by small, medium and large organisations is growing. The fact that over 60% of Google users will click on the top organic result in the search engine results (even when there are paid adverts above it) means that customers have a lot of trust in what Google deems to be the most suitable result for their search query.

Organic traffic is not the only way to generate traffic to your website but it is one of the highest converting methods, but SEO practices are somewhat different in 2016 to what they were a few years back and they have already evolved based on the top SEO principles in 2015.

The trouble with many SEO agencies (from a client’s perspective) is that it is a very secretive business and education in genuine SEO best practices in 2016 comes at a premium. This is why most SEO businesses will not reveal their methods to their clients unless they are offering SEO education as its own package, but when you consider that the best online courses cost in excess of £5000 it is highly likely that this premium will be reflected in your online course cost. There also has to be a certain degree of trust in the agency from the client as typically, most businesses will not see results until the third or fourth month which can be frustrating when you are shelling out hundreds or thousands of pounds each month. But the long game is certainly the best game to play in business and this is where SEO really comes in to its own.

At Brum Design, we constantly keep abreast of up to the minute Search Engine Optimisation theories and through the work we do in Birmingham, the rest of the United Kingdom and our work with organisations from Australia to the United States we like to think that we know a thing or two about SEO.

Whilst we are not going to reveal our methods or techniques it is true to say that it is the little things that matter. Whilst the basic principles have not changed over the last few years, there are some fundamentals that have. If you don’t know you anchor text ratio’s from your LSI’s and you don’t know MOZ from Majestic then you are probably in for a long hard slog on your way to ranking your business (local or national) for your keywords on Google and other top search engines.

If you are keen to learn more about SEO or you would like us to work with you on generating an SEO friendly website then get in touch today using the sign up form below.

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Of course, if you are happy to keep shooting blindly and possibly doing more harm than good to your website in the eyes of Google then don’t take us up on our offer – but if you want to establish a trusted web presence that generates website users who actually want to buy your products or services then you should be using the latest 2016 SEO practices and we know that you won’t find a more dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable agency to work with than us.